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If you wanna think like a turtle ….

The old philosopher turned and, very slowly, walked towards the exit.
Vorbis watched him go.
Brutha saw him half-raise his hand to signal the guards, and then lower it again.
Vorbis turned to the Tyrant.
“So much for your – ” he began.
The lantern sailed through the doorway and shattered against
Vorbis’s skull.
“Nevertheless … the Turtle Moves!”
(Small Gods, Terry Pratchett, Corgi Books, p. 204f.)

“There are a few weeks before your next assignment. Why don't you have a little rest?”
“Thank you, lord. I thought I might go down to the forrest and watch a few falling trees.”
“Good practice. Good practice. Mind always on the job, eh?”
(Small Gods, Terry Pratchett, Corgi Books, p. 377.)

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